Twice this summer I again helped teach an intensive, one-week course called TOTAL It Up! for students who come from the southeast region of the U.S. and around the country to learn about the kind of language and translation programs we do. After this course, many of the participants seek further involvement. TOTAL stands for Taste of Linguistics and Translation. I taught phonetics and phonology and did a monolingual demonstration, as I have done two or three times a year for the past ten years. Here are some reactions of the participants this year:

“The phonetics and phonology gave me the best insights into the translation side.”

“I really looked forward and enjoyed the translation related classes (survey, grammar, phonetics, phonology, translation, language learning).”

“The phonology, phonetics, and grammar classes were very eye-opening and challenging. I never realized how difficult and rewarding language work is before this course.”

“I expected to learn about linguistics and have fun. This is exactly what happened.”

“This course went above and beyond my expectations in that we were able not only to learn about linguistics, etc., but also heard firsthand experiences from teachers who have been there.”

“The language courses led me to become much more interested in linguistics.”

“You’ve opened up a new world of study to me!”

For more information about TOTAL It Up!, go to

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