Guinea-Bissau Creole

Embassine Evangelical Church cropped reduced

Portuguese Creole, also spelled various other ways like Krioulu or Kriyol, is the national language of Guinea-Bissau. Portuguese is the official language of Guinea-Bissau, but Creole is spoken here way more than Portuguese. According to the data I have, there are only about 5,000 mother-tongue speakers of Portuguese here and more than 230,000 mother-tongue speakers of Creole, and that number is growing. Portuguese Creole isn’t necessarily the most populous language group of Guinea-Bissau; that honor goes to Balanta. But if you combine mother-tongue speakers with another 600,000 who use it extensively as a second language, then Creole is the biggest language group here in Guinea-Bissau. There are a number of other large, vigorous language groups here as well.

Christianity isn’t the dominant religion in Guinea-Bissau, but there is a large, dynamic Evangelical Christian church here, and at least in the capital of Bissau Creole is the language of the church. Shown above is just one of the many full Creole-speaking churches on Sunday. The reason I am in Guinea-Bissau now, and have been coming since 2009, is to help with the Creole translation of the Bible. This week we finished checking the translation of the Gospel of John.

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  1. Cutsau Nhuta says:

    Thank you for your help.

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