Musika Kriston di Jeremias Sanha


I am posting this with the permission–the blessing–of Jeremias Sanha, a talented composer and performer of Christian music in Kriol of Guinea-Bissau. I have been working with Jeremias for ten years on the Kriol Bible translation project. The songs he composes take their lyrics from the Kriol Bible. Today I will feature a song of his from Acts 17:22-25, which happened to be the chapter we were working on today.

Deus, i garandi, i ka ta mora na kasa ku mon di omi kumpu.

Pabia el ku ta da omi tudu kusas, ate vida!

Abo i jintis ku fia na manga di kusas. Bo ta adora ate deus ku bo ka kunsi.

Ma e Deus ku no na fala bos del, I Deus garandi ku kumpu seu ku tera.

Deus garandi.

No tene Deus garandi.

God, he is great, he does not live in a house that the hand of man has made.

Because it is he who gave man all things, even life!

You are people that believe in many things. You worship even a god that you do not know.

But this God that we are telling you about, He is the great God who made heaven and earth.

God is great.

We have a God that is great.

Click here to hear Banda Jeremias singing Deus I Garandi.

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1 Response to Musika Kriston di Jeremias Sanha

  1. Margaret T Frank says:

    Neat! And he’s been in the project that long!

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