solar electricity for translation team

kamoteamsolarpanelsWe are in Nigeria again, each of us working with a different translation team. The work is going well. Last time I was here, I heard about how the Kamo translators were having a hard time with electricity, such as to power their computers for working on the translation. There is no electricity provided in the village where they live. They have a generator but it is expensive to operate and gives them problems, so they use it sparingly. We shared the need with a church back in the States, in San Diego, and they wanted to help, providing solar panels with a charging and storage system. JAARS has a department that will assemble a compact solar power system for needs like this. We were able to carry this equipment with us in our baggage allowance flying to Nigeria. Today we surprised the Kamo translation team with the solar electrical system, which they can carry back to the village where they live. The solar panels would go on a roof and provide enough electricity for charging laptop computers and cell phones and power an LED light, which can operate at night with the battery that is part of this system. Though the expressions on their faces in this picture may not show it, they were thrilled to get this equipment to enable them to do their work. We set it up on the grass to test it, and you can see a laptop computer in the middle of this picture that is being powered by the solar electrical system.

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  1. Glory be to God Almighty for his sufficient blessings all over the world. May God add blessings the US Church. Happy for Kamo translation

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